Job Club RI idea uses principles and methods developed by East Coast psychologist Nathan Azrin. The rationale for Job Club RI comes from a unique, innovative and “grass roots” approach to job hunting combining job search skills and techniques in a supportive group environment followed by aggressive job development/placement and follow up.

Individuals from various socioeconomic backgrounds meet once a week for a 6 week period covering the basics of a successful job search including topics such as resume development, interviewing techniques, networking, local/regional employment trends, and local employer contacts. Members are given weekly hand outs and examples of resumes, interview questions and responses, and job search strategies.

Experience and history with Rhode Island job seekers has resulted in participants entering the program with little confidence in their ability to obtain employment as a result of prior job search efforts. Individuals entering the program have not had to look for employment in many years and often are dismayed and bewildered how the job search process has changed over the past 15-20 years.

The psychological aspects and personal fall out from this experience are devastating, often leading individuals to a sense of hopelessness, loss of confidence, and in many cases, abandonment of the job search process altogether.

The support group model of Job Club RI has become an invaluable piece of the success of the program to date. Individuals lend support, encouragement, networking and share contacts with other group members to help to expand the job search process for each member.This also instills/increases confidence and self-worth which eventually leads to a more aggressive job search, greater interviewing capabilities, a more positive outlook and ultimately job placement. This dynamic has become a major focus of the Providence Journal (see March 2011 article on Media page) whereby skilled and semi-skilled individuals are willing to assist limited or unskilled individuals in the job search process in a supported group environment.


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