West Warwick Public Library

The West Warwick Public Library has hosted Job Club RI since the group was established in May of 2009, and has been instrumental in the club’s foundation, organization and ongoing success.

Library director Tom O’Donnell and his dedicated staff continue to be an indispensable asset that allows Job Club RI to continue to grow and serve the community.

Words cannot express our appreciation to the West Warwick Public Library staff, past and present.


Our Special Thanks to Ocean State Job   Lot! 

Their generous donation of office supplies brings us to an even higher level of   organization and professionalism.  The supplies they donate assist us   and our members by making it possible to produce the literature   distributed throughout each session.

Job   Club RI is continually inspired by the dedication and generosity of donors like   Ocean State Job Lot who answer the call to give again and again.  We   appreciate and are very grateful for their loyalty and commitment.


We also wish to thank these volunteers that devote their talent and time supporting us:

>David Rogers, Senior Vice President, General 

  Manager, Lee Hecht Harrison

>Cynthia Ring, CHRO, Harvard Pilgrim Health

>Richard Saccoccia, Certified Public





Elaine Martin and Stephen Colella receive Chancellor’s Awards

Advancing the mission and community service honors presented at employee recognition dinner

By Sandra Gray

UMass Medical School Communications

The Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Community Service honors an individual UMMS staff member or team that provides service to the community that reflects dedication to a spirit of commitment to those in need of assistance; passionate engagement resulting in a meaningful impact to our community; and strengthened relationships within the community.

Colella fulfilled these criteria by establishing, entirely on his own time and with his own money, Job Club Rhode Island to help the long-termed unemployed in his hometown of Warwick, R.I., particularly middle-aged workers who previously held well-paying jobs, a population that has been underserved by traditional unemployment programs. The program has been recognized by the White House for helping two-thirds of its almost 800 participants obtain employment at an average salary of $23 an hour since its inception in 2009.

“Your incredible journey from West Warwick to the White House demonstrates the true content of your character and the true extent of your commitment to the local community. While unassuming by nature, you have assumed responsibility for helping Rhode Islanders get back to work,” Collins said upon presenting the award to Colella.


Each year, Leadership Rhode Island brings together graduates from the Core Program and College Leadership Rhode Island Program with members of the greater Rhode Island community to honor our state’s most inspiring leaders at the Annual Inspiring Leaders Awards Luncheon.

The Rhode Island Community Service Award for 2016 was granted to Stephen Colella, Job Club RI. The Rhode Island Community Service Award recognizes an outstanding individual in our state whose extraordinary vision, commitment, and leadership have made a significant impact upon our community. Congratulations to Steve!




” I would like to take this time to personally thank Mr.  Steve Colella, all the volunteers at JOB CLUB RI and the attendees last evening for all the comments of support and congratulations. 

During my search to renter the work force, Steve and his team have been there for me 100 % of the way and supportive on all of my efforts including very constructive improvements suggestions. His special guest speakers each week have also added there level of expertise to assist. I am extremely grateful to have joined this organization, gone through the program and continue to be part of this effort of continuous improvement.



“I have first learned of the Job Club through a friend back in 2010 and started to attend several sessions with Steve.  I realized that I had to build confidence in myself, self worth, and most of all, the ability to network with others within the group and to sell yourself. The support system at the Job Club is fantastic and I would recommend anyone that can relate to this to be a part of this program. I am currently employed from the help of the Job Club, but still networking. And now, I am bringing a friend for some support and job searching.”

“After being out of work for almost nine months, and getting very worried about when my next opportunity would come, Job Club offered me great support and help looking for a job. It was nice to know I was not the only one out of work. Steve and the group are a great asset to the state!”

“After losing my job I found something at Jobs Club Rhode Island that I hadn’t found anywhere else, hope. Steve brings practical state of the art guidance, advice and technical help grounded in good old fashioned common sense. I don’t know what I would have done without Jobs Club and Steve Colella.”

“The job club is an avenue to lift your spirits and prepare yourself for interviews with perspective employer in the area. You provided me with encouragement, support and guidance. You helped me to keep the faith and to stay positive. I feel truly blessed to have met so many supportive people during time in my life when I needed it most.  I am forever grateful and want to give back, once I get settled on my new job. Thank you for making a difference.”

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