What is Job Club RI?


Community Based Support Group

• A community based support group held in 6 week sessions providing job search assistance, networking, and emotional support for individuals seeking meaningful employment.

• Job Club RI focuses mainly on professional skilled and semi-skilled income workers. 

• The individuals who attend Job Club are unable to access federal/state employment assistance since these programs are often not available for this demographic. 

• Typical Age: mid-40's to mid-60's, although members as young as 18 years participate in our program.

• Of members who completed 3 or more sessions, 78% have found jobs with a median salary of $37.42 per hour.


What can we do for you?:

  Our action orientation, focus on job search skills and job placement services are vital success factors. Job Club RI’s core values are: Self-Worth, Dignity, Respect and Value. 

  •  Job Club RI offers a unique opportunity for participants to engage with local/regional employers dedicated to assisting our members in job search process. 
  • Identification of core competencies, resume building, cover letter writing, interview preparation, job opening identification and networking are key components.
  • All participants benefit from resources and professional job search assistance offered in the sessions.


What can we do for employers? (what are your benefits):

 We enhance our members’ job skills and match those skills with respective job opportunities to create win-win opportunities for employer and new employee. Our key added values to our employer clients are qualified new hires. “Invest in us because you will be hiring our people”. 

  • Candidates are vetted through our 6+ week program.
  • Skills matched to specific job postings.
  • Employers access a free pool of Job Club candidates for specific roles. 
  • Utilizing Job Club Candidates significantly reduces HR budgets for outside recruiting. 

  If interested in volunteering or donating to Job Club RI, contact us at SColella@JobClubRI.org  or donate through PayPal.  

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