Dave Rogers, Providence RI


Dave is an experienced Coach and Mentor for all levels of the organization including individual contributors, first-time leaders, and senior management. His philosophy is that each person or team makes a difference and can positively affect top- and bottom-line growth initiatives through better performance while staying true to the organization’s defined values. 

Over a 30 year career, Dave has applied his instinctive and nuanced coaching skills to help peers, subordinates and senior management. He has built a reputation as a respected go-to leader and coach. He is known for building strong relationships with managers who have continued to seek him out for development coaching. Dave has been recognized for having "courageous conversations" in a way that allows people to see and correct blind spots in leadership style.


· Coached a Senior Director in the corporate services industry who was meeting business goals but was intimidating subordinates and alienating peers with his communication style. Through direct and clear feedback, the Director began to understand the impact of his behavior and proceeded to establish goals for change. Over 9 months, his team and peers noticed a significant improvement in communication style and he realized that his team was able to achieve objectives more efficiently without his micro-management. The change in his behavior resulted in more time to focus on his most important priorities and to add additional value to the organization

· Coached a Board Chairperson and a Director in a behavioral health organization to manage their different conflict styles. The conflict between the two was impacting the ability to reach the goals set for funds development by the Board. Through coaching each individual leveraging direct input and helping them to reframe the picture from the other person’s perspective, Dave was able to get them to talk through their differences. This coaching resulted in a significant improvement in their relationship and the achievement of their annual fund goal for the organization.

· Advised, mentored, and coached numerous sales professionals ranging from the individual contributor to senior management. Discovered consistent themes around lack of effective internal communication being a blocker to their growth and success. Worked through specific scenarios to guide them through techniques that would result in better collaboration leading to higher productivity as well as personal and corporate financial success.

 Areas of Expertise:

  • Assimilation/On-boarding
  • · Change Management
  • · Communication
  • · Conflict Management
  • · Resilience

Levels Coached

  • · Senior Management
  • · Mid-Level Management
  • · First Time Managers
  • · Individual Contributors


  • · English

Industry Experience

  • · Consumer Product Manufacturing
  • · Corporate Services
  • · Hospitals and Healthcare
  • · Retail

Functional Experience

  • · Human Resources
  • · Marketing
  • · Operations and Administrative
  • · Sales

Professional/Corporate Experience

  • · A.T. Cross, VP Sales and Marketing - sales and marketing management
  • · Leonard's Antiques, VP New Business Development - sales growth and management
  • · Thompson Products, SVP Marketing and Sales - new business development
  • · Lee Hecht Harrison, Area Sales  Director


  • · BA Mathematics, with Minor in Education. Bates College